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TUESDAY, MAY 22, 1956


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Fstes-Adlai TV Debate

Turns Fire


Candidates Come Closest to Clash On Kefauver’s Senate Absences

By Robert C. Albright and Edward T. Folliard

Stall Reporters

MIAMI, Fla. May Adlai Stevenson and Sen. | Estes Kefauver fired from the same platform tonight) but not with any great fe- rocity at each other. |

Their target was the cammon political foe—the Republican Party and its leader, President) Eisenhower. |

The long-awaited “debate” be- Mediatio tween the two rivals for the —— Democratic nomination for} President took place in a one Two Leaders Jailed time movie theater in down- town Miami that had been con- n e verted into a television studio. District Pol


The only thing akin to a clash cathe when Kefauver re- proached Stevenson for criti- cizing him after the Minnesota primary, and afterward for his absences from the Senate.

Stevenson said he was sorry if he had wronged the Tennes- Sate in Ce Seti -ae ee trace the fantastic trail of a)

teeism. He said he had made | sang of thieves whose loot in his remarks in response t0 300 burglaries during the past questioners who wanted to three years may total $100,000 know why Kefauver had no,im value. support from his colleagues in} TWO members of the gang . have been arrested, according the Senate. | a to police, and are now awaiting However, the hour-long de-jaction of the District grand bate, which was carried on tele-| jury. They are Joseph Franklin vision and radio by the Amer-|«Robin Hood” Wright. 25, of 624 jean Broadcasting Co., was for'y «+ cw. and Bernard Coleman the most part without fire-|«; ittie John” White, 21, of works. Both candidates ham- Fredericksburg, Va 4 mered at the Eisenhower Ad-| Wright i de ‘hed ministration for its handling of) . right is deserit rod the ringleader by police. White,

domestic and foreign policy. (** ri ; ... |who was released from Virginia

Kefauver in particular Critl-| sate prison at Petersburg, Va.,

cized the Administration for|),.¢ November. is accused of

favoritism to big business. He working with 'the gang since

said the present Washington | january. Police are seeking

trend is to concentrate business | fou other suspects

“in fewer and fewer hands.” | Following are sonie of the

4: The Berne ol - ee crime statistics area police 4 inistration f0F HS\have developed so far in ques-

treatment of farmers, particu- tioning the two men:

larly the small farmer, and the; . 1.” 14. istrict the gang

small businessman. is accused of raiding 76 homes Stevenson agreed with Ke-|..4 taking more than $10,000

Area police are trying to


Former Foes Meet Again

John L. Lewis (left) and Cyrus S. Ching, who had many a clash over the bargaining table, exchange a hearty hand- shake at Ching’s 80th birthday party at the Statler last night. The head of the United Mine Workers kept the au- dience laughing as he told of experiences with the former

$100,000 Theft Ring

(Picture on Page 3.)

By Ralph Reikowsky Stafl Reporter

Budget Hike Fh Is Discussed | Fo In Fairfax |

| Some 300 Fairfax County ‘residents heard the pros and| ‘cons of a proposed record| jhigh budget discussed last ‘night with those opposed do- ing most of the talking.

A tax hike of 75 cents to ‘finance an $18.7 million budget jwas debated before the Board, of County Supervisors at a| public hearing in the Fairfax!

Courthouse. The budget is the | first proposed by the super- visors who took office Jan. 1.)

75-Cent Increase In Tax Draws Pro and Con Views at Hearing

By Vic Casamento. Stal! Photographer

Integration Progress Reports Rejected

Montgomery School Board votes down request for monthly reports on integra- tion steps. Page 34.

Thirty persons turn out at | Montgomery County Council meeting to talk about a $14,000 refund to Rockville. Page 34.

Grouping school children by ability rather than age is urged in Chevy Chase.

Page 44. —|Are U

previous Board oan the ine against large tax increases, to question the suspects about approving only a Scent raise’ : housebreaking in the city, in the last four years, | “*Right-to-W ork’ Lawes | cording to Det. Capt. Thomas Most discussion last night! : | Woods. was On the $11.8 million schoo!| Otherwise Unaffected |

Police have been searching DUdget, and especially an ad-|

»Y , ministrative reorganization for Wright since January when which calls for 66 ‘Sdditional | one of his victims surprised

administrators, supervisors,) state “right-to-work” laws as sendoff last night with the him in her yard with his arms helping teachers, assistant prib-| applied in the railroad industry |simulated flash of an exploding loaded with her belongings. = psychologists and libra-| fel) yesterday before a 90 Su-| A-bomb. if i preme Court ruling. The almost noiseless explo- “os eta Rigero rage Mage The Federation of P-TAs,| State laws banning union sion lighted the darkened stage pnotograp ac through Norris D. Prichard, in-' shops in other industries were! of the Society's auditorium with capture. He was arrested by dorsed the school budget as/ not affected. a bright’white flash. District police May 4. a “minimum” budget and asked| The decision upheld a 1951) jt. white smoke rose before White was arrested for house- for expansion of services in the amendment of the National , screen on which, simultane- breaking in Arlington March field of adult education, voca-| Railway Labor Act which au- ously, was flashed the color B aby: . ~ tional education, and -special’ thorizes the railroads and labor moving picture of a test A-bomb 11 and received a year's SUS-' classes for brilliant children | unions to enter into union shop) }jac¢ Physicians startled by the pended sentence. Police trailed and handicapped pupils. agreements, state laws to the cocretly ‘planned stunt settled him in hopes he would lead’ The organizational lineup|©"trary nothwithstanding. back in their seats, in obvious them to other. gang members. against the budget includes the’ Under the union Shop, 4) relief that it was just a stunt. He was arrested May 6 in Fred- pairfax Citizens Council. Vir- worker must join within 60 days About 125 of the Society's ericksburg. . ginia Citizens for Better the union which holds collec- sean 1800 maaenhere sttiaded Police said the gang took|Schools, Freeholders Protective | “ve, bargaining rights for his 11. event the first of five con- all kinds of loot. Most of if was| Association and the Northeast CT@ft or class of workers, OF utive evening sessions on pawned but much was given Fairfax County Citizens League. lose his job. the physician’s role in disasters. away to prostitutes, derelicts| and friends. This practice got Wright the nickname of

“I'm crossing my fingers and saying all sorts of prayers,” says Mrs. Dwight Eisen- hower in wishing Navyman Robert Mar- shall a speedy recovery. A polio patient at Bethesda Naval Hospital, he was one of the

ice Break

Disaster Course

Union Shops For Railroads |


Supreme Court Leayes

Physicians Startled


(Related Stories, Page 10.) The District Medical Society’s first course in disaster medicine

By Karl R. Bauman | : was given a doctor-startling

Associated Press

states have laws J ; banning membership or non League of Women Voters, the membership in unions as a con- ftom the department of atomic

Fairfax Federation of P-TAS, dition to holding a job. Pro- casualties, Walter Reed Insti.

By ‘Bomb ’__ |,

fauver on both points. He, too, lamented the “trend toward big-' ness” in industry, and ‘said the Administration had done little to foster the welfare of either) the small businessman or the small farmer.

The chief discordance was in the hearts of Stevenson and Ke- fauver. Each believed—and was trying to show—that he was best fitted to be the 1956 Demo- cratic standard-bearer and take. on President Eisenhower in the fall election campaign. |

Their immediate objective) was victory in the Florida pres- idential primary on May when 28 convention votes wil be at stake.

Stevenson and Kefauver, both wearing pancake makeup, | sat alongside .of each other at a table, at the end of which was Quincy Howe, the ABC mod- erator. |

The Tennessee lawmaker won) the toss of a coin and chose to close the debate. Stevenson then had a chance to open, but he suggested. that his rival open as well as close.

Kefauver, in his _ kickoff, talked about the dropping of the H-bomb in tht Pacific. He ealled for a “crash program” for producing scientists in suf-| ficient numbers. |

Stevenson took up the same ~~

subject when it came his turn. | He said we face a future of

See FLORIDA, Page 2, Col. 5 |

Sells Car Quickest And

closing more cases every day.’

‘more than $1500.

Eighte Proponents inclide the ge Last night's talks, by a team “Robin Hood.”

worth of goods and money.| Detectives Joseph Loughrin and | Frank Wright said, “We are

Rayburn Moves To Block Ouster

®In Montgomery County they are accused of breaking into 91 homes and stealing 2 more than $40,000 worth of Of Shivers Men goods. Det. Capt. G. W.. Lin-| thicum said only $1500 worth) nartLAS, May 21 (INS) of stolen articles have been touse Speaker Sam Rayburn recovered. ‘moved today to dispel the last * Prince Georges County vestige of discord in Sen. Lyn- Det. Emmett F. G. Gray said don B. Johnson's campaign for Wright has pointed out 58! complete harmony in Tuesday’s homes he helped burglarize in\Texas State Democrati¢ Con- the County and told him “you! vention. haven't scratched the surface) Rayburn, the driving force yet.” Total value so far 18) .nind Johnson's liberal and labor supporters, came out un- ® Arlington police suspect ajterably against a purge of the the gang broke into about. 20 State Democratic Executive homes and took about $10,000\' Committee which is dominated worth of goods. Det. Capt.iby conservatives who were Dudley H. Rector said in two'hand-picked by Gov. Allan of the homes large amounts of Shivers. jewelry were taken. Rayburn’s surprise statement © Fairfax police believe the was released at a time when gang was responsible for 4 yltraloyalist members of the wave of 20 to 30 housebreak- J 9 hnson-for-President band- ings which began two years wagon were threatening a floor ago. Det. Lieut. Joseph HoOw- fight Tuesday unless the Execu- ard said the thieves cut a path tive Committee members were among expensive homes from subjected to a party loyalty Great Falls to the Arlington pjedge. Many of the Committee County Line. voted for President Eisenhower Alexandria police also intend in 1952 along with Gov. Shivers.

\Springfield Civie Association jand the Fairfax Federation of | Civic Associations.

Harley M. Williams, speak- ing for the Virginia Citizens ‘for Better Schools, said the re- organization makes “the class- room teacher the most super- vised worker in the history of administrative hierarchy.”

Manning Gasch, representing the Fairfax Citizens Council, recommended employment of business-management _ special- ists for a complete study of the County tax stricture and administrative procedures. |

The Board was urged also to consider new sources of tax revenue to shift the burden from property owners.

On the other side of the argu- ment, Bill Kramer, speaking for the Springfield Civic Associa-'

tion, supported the budget in|). 04

principle but recommended | that more County departments | become self-supporting. He said the Springfield area wants a higher level of urban services| and is willing to pay for them.

Mrs. Harry W. Allen, vice president of the League of! Women Voters, asked the Board | to restore $60,000 which was deleted by the supervisors from '| the School Board budget. |


Given 10 Years on Earlier Charge

Norfolk Woman Pleads Guilty to Theft Of Over $1 Million in Firm Shortage

: ,

‘remain in the hospital nine or

ponents call them “right to tute of Research, were devoted work” laws. Some union lead- to casualties which would occur ers described them as “right to 1" an atomic attack. The re- scab” laws. maining evenings this week will Except as applied in the rail- deal with casualties. from such road industry the State “right Causes as floods, explosions, to work” laws remain intact. $t9rms and multiple-injury The Taft-Hartley Act permits Wrecks. union shop agreements, but) Col. John H. Voegtly, chief of specifies this does no apply in the institute's division, was ad- states which have laws prohibit-' dressing doctors on “Bomb ing tham. Phenomenology and Weapons Justice William O. Douglas,| Effects” when the planted author of yesterday's opinion, “bomb” was set off. said that in the absence of con-; pr, Alfred E. Brigulio, chair- flicting Federal legislation, man of the society’s commit- “there can be no doubt that it tee on emergency medical serv- is within the police power of a ice, said that graduates of the state to prohibit” the union'special course will form the shop. nucleus of a unit to be known But, referring to the Railway'as the MEDS, for Medical Labor Act he said the power of Emergency and Disaster Serv- Congress to regulate labor ice. relations in interstate indus-

tries .is likewise well estab- i Reds to Present

“Industrial peace along the PI N arteries of commerce is a legiti-' ane to iasser See RULINGS, Page 11, Col. 1 | :

CAIRO, May 21 ‘#®—An Egyp- ‘tian spokesman said today the /Soviet Union is giving Premier ‘Gamal Abdel Nasser an Ilyu- 'shin 14 plane, the type used by |'Premier Nikolai Bulganin and

Gov. Harriman Has Operation


. 3 a

* . ~-

Associated Press ~~

Mamie Crosses Fingers for Hospitalized V eterans

more than 800 guests at the annual White House garden party for hospitalized serv- icemen and veterans yesterday. The Presi- dent (left) also chatted with the patients. (Another photo and story on Page 27.)

West’s Aswan Deal Is Out, oypt Hints

Other Offer Stands, Spokesman Says, Indiéating Riissia

By Charles P. Arnot

CAIRO, May 21 (INS)—Egypt tonight launched what appear- ed to be official preparations for calling off the whole deal for Western support of the $1.3 billion Aswan High Dam pro}- ect.

An official spokesman de- nounced Conservative members of Britain's Parliament who demand that Britain cancel its promise to share costs of fi- nancing the project with the United States and the World Bank.

“The Egyptian government has made it clear it has not asked for anyone's help,” the spokesman declared.

He said offers “from many sources” have been received, | and added: “Such offers still stand.” | The spokesman obviously was referring to the Soviet Union which has had “a standing of-| fer” on file with Premier Gamel | Abdel Nasser since Egypt be- gan negotiations with the West’ for $400 million in outside help toward the Nile harnessing propject.

Highly placed Western sources have hinted that the Western deal has been “wash-

d up” since Nasser made his latest big swing to the East by recognizing the Chinese’ Reds. | Last December the United States promised to advance $54. million and Britain $13 million for preparatory work in the ifirst few years of the 20-year | project. |

In February World Bank! President Eugene Black agreed | ‘with Nasser in Cairo to provide)

$200-million loan for later) ‘construction stages, providing Egypt and neighboring Sudan agreed on division of Nile

waters. | Construction originally was to start in June, 1957, but in-|

Army, AF Feuding Disavowed By Services

Differences Given Wrong Meanings

And Exaggerated, Wilson Declares

By John G. Norris

Stafl Reporter

Defense Secretary Charles E. Wilson called an extra- ordinary news conference of ‘the entire Pentagon high command yesterday to pour oil on publicized troubled waters.

He said the importance of the interservice differences has ibeen “exaggerated” and their |}meaning misunderstood. Moving in to halt the budding |public row over defense policy, Wilson promised to find out ‘who were the “eager beavers” | who handed partisan-slanted, | classified papers to newsmen |over the weekend.

| This is “not good for the ‘country,” the Cabinet officer said, promising to stop it. But ithe best way to settle this and |\the “honest differences” be- ‘tween the services is to leave it to the Defense Department, Wilson said.

| A congressional investiga- ition, such as has been proposed, would not be helpful or neces. sary, Wilson said. The show of unity by the assembled mil- itary. secretaries and Joint Chiefs of Staff, batked up his [plea

| Both Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor jand Gen. Nathan F. Twining, Army and Air Force chiefs of staff, disavowed much of the material published over the weekend represented as reflect- ing the views of their services and which were critical of other services and some of their weapons.

Taylor, whose service was portrayed in several of the documents as opposed to the Nation’s current military plans, told reporters

“Make one thing clear—there is no. mutiny or revolt in the Army.”

Wilson and other officials said they were investigating who was responsible for “leak- ing” the documents. The De- fense Secretary stressed that some are “staff papers that re- flect the views of individuals” See DEFENSE, Page 21, Col. 1

U.S. Population Now 167.440.000

Associated Press

The Census Bureau yesterday estimated the population of the United States on April 1 at 167,- 440,000 including armed forces overseas.

The Bureau said this was a gain of 16,308,000, or 10.8 per cent, over the 151,132,000 on April 1, 1950, wheen the latest census was taken.

It estimated that about 10 per cent of the net population gain in the last six year was ac- counted for by a net civilian immigration of 1,700,000 during the period.

Coffee Prices

Raised 24 Cents

NEW YORK, May 22 @®& Four eastern processors today raised their wholesale prices on coffee. The increases, expected to be felt at the retail level in

NEW YORK, May 21 ‘#—~Gov.| Communist Party chief Nikita formants say the target date ja few days, ranged from 2 to 4

Averell Harriman underwent a Khruskchev.

icannot be met now.

cents a pound.

prostate gland operation today. His condition was described as! , “excellent.” ‘This Is Nixon’

Harriman entered Columbia- Presbyterian Hospital yester-| day, after his return from a/' whirlwind speaking tour of the | West as an “inactive” candidate | for the Democratic presidential nomination. He is expected to

ten days.

Nixon Wants Best Air Force in World,

Best Way

"Ny want ad got me the quick- est and best results posdible in selling my ‘55 Pontiac,” said Mr. John R. Robinson, 1122 Prince st., Alex., Va.

NORFOLK, Va., May 21 (* Minnie Mangum, who financed her role of benefactor by a /phanton bookkeeping system, ‘pleaded guilty today to stealing | more than $1 million from her}

With Protection of Nation’s Solvency

‘in mind. He told the Bureau of haul” defense policy, he told Advertising of the American the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ Newspaper Publishers’ Associa- annual encampment in Milwau-

This is the third of siz articles in the fourth of a series on the beliefs and back-

from the now defunct Com-jzled $1,082,068.25. She stood monwealth Building and Loan for arraignment and whispered

Today’s Index | |

Association. Miss Mangum was “guilty.”

assistant secretary-treasurer of; Defense attorney Max R.

the firm. |'Broudy then told Bullock he The defendant, a 190-pound felt the charges in the other

Page Horoscope 43 Keeping Well 42

grounds of the Nation's lead- ing contenders for President and Vice President. It consists

Page | Amusem’ts 12-13 City Life .... 12

tion, in April 1953: “Both at home and abroad a healthy domestic economy is

kee on Aug. 5, 1953:

“The most expensive method of maintaining a military es- tablishment is to have it dras-

Kilgalien .. of verbatim excerpts from

inseparable from true defense. 9. Jantes Keoyh’s book, “This Is ,

} The reatest -asset -the free tically expanded or reduced ac- Nixon,” published/by G. P. Bam A a is a strong, free and| cording to the degree of crisis Putnam’s Sons, New York. ‘productive American economy. ‘hat appears to ‘eee at any From Chapter XI, A program which would bank- ar momen “Foreign Policy”: rupt our economy or the eco-

nomics of our allies will de- A consistent and fervent sup-|stroy the chance of the free porter of a strong defense|world to resist aggression. force, Nixon nevertheless al-

pe, Ba oder, the Eisenhower ways had the economic factor!/Administration’s new ‘“long- a


indictments related to the! se ag | same offenses and Miss Man-'

: sae Gp eayerager ' Crossword ...42) Movie Guide .1 gum was arraigned and pleaded) pictrict Line 44 | Music 12

19 | Obituaries .. | Parsons 13 Pearson .... Picture Page 23 Sokolsky ....1

Yes, you can sel! anything faster | through The Washington Post and Times Herald reaching over 382,000 families daily, thousands more families than can be reached by any other

- paper -in town. Simply

RE. 7-1234


employers since 1933. spinster who lives with a blind. Hertaration Court Judge H. sister, was convicted last Thurs- Lawrence Bullock accepted the day of lying to the State Cor- plea of the former building and, poration Commission about loan company officer and de-; Commonwealth's financial con- ferred sentence until June 25,| dition and her punishment was pending a probation report. fixed by the trial jury at 10 The 52-year-old defendant,| years in prison. was indicted last month on 16; T Miss Mangum was Mangum , plus) Goren her conviction in

, Federal Diery 25 the indictments to which Miss Financia! 2 Go

be gradual to the most accelerated pace at.

See NIXON, Page 19, Col. 6


. Raye Women’s .27-30

presentments, one of which al-|docketed for trial on an in-|10 years for leged she embezzled $2,884,000\dictment alleging she embez- last week's

> } *

Herblock ....


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Pw | ss |Adlai, Estes Turn Fire on GOP{millwork Made

to order: Cabinets, Bookcases, ete.

, needed time to Work sary. ‘This, they believe, ac- RUCKER LUMBER

problem Farm Conferees icone |b ate scm u g. u would seem to only part of the answér, Re-|| 1220 Wilson Bivd. JAckson 4-134 is Renews Call for Parley porters for The Washington|-—— 7 3 He renewed his call to Presi- Post and Times Herald have Advertisement

Modif yirh Bill i% rc Fesentatives of both races to\voters here—registered Demo Grace Kell ck ee i Pn . r Pes resentatives races to\voters here—registered Demo-| (srACEC a4 P28 0 Sa ne ae pe igs Stevenson said the people ofthe White House to tackle the| crats—who plan to vote for y ae ree * %. | er § the United States and its allies | problem. ,| President Eisenhower in No- Wedding Stamps Pa en REG | bay Gk. vt init.~ | “are great but we are few.” He a must get ahead with it, some on ecg oe have verte NEW YORK. May The + conferees aqniwheat for feed at distress ; mS ae 2 er 'f* > rnment must as- . ‘us that they and many others, , May 22— Ra sonst pen 7 tod sanal esi oe ek 7. | said a wt hip to win the) Kefauver pointed out that as'feel that Stevenson and Ke-| wedding of Prince Rainier III the farm were reported ast! prices; the other would exempt) % | } sume tie le ship Senator he had tak th’ wT ie Kelly is, of night to have agreed tentatively | ; ‘air re Sis moral backing of “the great|/* -©™ator he taken an oathifauver are wasting their time) and Grace Kelly is, of course.) on a compromise which would| rom marketing quota cash pen- io fe x ae uncommitted peoples of the | uphold the Constitution, and | since Eisenhower is a cinch to of general interest ... but to give the Administration largely | 4! ties, wheat farmers who over- - a a bs rae : world.” ihe said he certainly would do win a second term. | stamp collectors the event is of . what it wants on the key ques-/plant their allotments if the’ |” > es, os a a The former Illinois Governor | **.7, Ss iinet * tres But be that as it may, Steven-| very special a te ove _ tion of feed grains. wheat is uscd on the farm. Pee P e De ne ee said three years ago the United | ik wf eyter yg! curt = nas son and Kefauver have no government of Monaco has is Sen. Allen J. Ellender (D-| One reason the conferees de- wae eee +a oe i States and its allies “were 2h ~_ pe Pong Ay the choice now but to fight it out/sued a special “~~ of rot La.), chairman of the conferees,| cided to make no final decisions By . @ * ne. 3 i a great and we were respected.” | ot on we oS we len Seuth.|°2 the end. They will put in a| stamps, beautifully prin = would say only after the 2%-| was the absence of Rep. Harold! 9" Bea gm el Pi. He said it has lost much of this le yowd en d vag he ‘s en | week s intensive campaigning large format, bearing pictures hour session that “we have dis-|Cooley (D-N. C.), head of the| ©) amcumE am wh, Bp, Mis . strength and respect in the in- os, a now the South jin Florida and then fly to Cali-| of the Prince and his Academy cussed various proposals and| House delegation. He will be) jodie Jom 2 a en terim. eieeaen - a Allg ge fornia to battle for that state's) Award cage jong FRR ry | ic ing’s ses- ? oo MES ne a ] 68 convention votes in the last S@mps were on Sale in | I'm sure we can reach an agree-| on hand for this morning's se Z oe Te . » Kefauver told the vast te > ltnow that our people have in-| presidential. primary of the|for one day only, and already

ment tomorrow morning.” sion. r ; vision audience he fejt the tellig ly | “coll } But from other sources it was| Ellender said he believed | United States must continue to. ence brotherly love | vear. have 2 become a “collectors

learned that a compromise of| both branches could pass a | . acai this sort appeared to be in the compromise Wednesday and) A gallant Adlai Stevenson pours orange juice for members | uses of atomic energy. | without violence. this afternoon after making a| Because the wedding set has

age | , , h oO 4 hich he evoked a lively interest in making: ‘send it to President Eisenhower of North East Miami Women’s Club during campaign visit. We should, however, take Tangle on “Absenteeism” Speec at rlando in Ww ic ee .

| i eached | —— the lead in proposing to the So- said that it was high time that | stamps of Monaco Elmont’s

® The House conferees would if final agreement is reac | : propo ‘* The two candidates tangle a\® : ; a Paris ffice h revered \.

tion of further dropping of A/ quite sharply at one point over ident. lection containing not only the

accept the Senate version of) this morning. mare ) price supports for feed grains; The feed grains provision _| Stevenson. who has been at Grace Kelly set of five, but the

—oats , e and sor- the House bill would mean and H-bombs” provided the So-| whether Stevenson had “un : oe ngs (A . oatnd for| 81.5 per cent of parity price House | nit | slashes viets also show they are ready the Miami Springs Villas since popular Olympic and Enthrone- ghums. e nate pe P M justly” criticized Kefauver for ; lls lower supports than! supports this year for farmers to act in good faith. Friday night, seems to have an Ment issues and the Bosio Art generally lower supp rs wel. a his absences from the Senate. organizational edge among the set; a total of 22 mint stamps, the House and made feed grains; who cut back acreage by 4 Apparent Misunderstanding | ; ineligible for the soil bank pro-| per cent. In addition, it would e e Asked by moderator Howe women, He climbed into a 60- which we are pleased to offer gram. The Administration| assure supports next year at ro | ie | hion Kefauver and Stevenson whether they had any questions passenger bus with reporters for just $1.00 to introduce our : t ints below corn 4 seemed to misunderstand as today to visit two Stevenson- 4pproval service. Order today, strongly opposed the House/5 percentage points below corn. | to ask each other, Kefauver —T But the Senate plan, report-| they pursued the question of , | for-President rallies staged by ELMONT STAMP CO., Dept. plan. ; H-bomb experiments. Adlai said | asked Stevenson what basis he women L217, 61 West 35th Street, New

ted tentatively by) © The Senate conferees would| edly accepte Hand | By Hamilton W. Faron the United States ought to give| had for accusing him of absen-| | ed ae York 1, N. Y.

ive in to the House on the the conferees, would give feed | | muaetion of when the $1.2-bil- grain growers 76 per cent of a gr agp teresa up the terrifying tests, hope|teeism in 1948, when he wasn't | 9 ~ |

lion-a-year soil bank would be| parity this year with no acreage! A House Appropriations Com- than the one-fortieth repayment |that Russia would follow suit,/even a member of the Senate. effective. The House had voted controls. In 1957, they would mittee majority underscored | Tequired by law. but renew the tests if Russia; The Tennessean said he) to make a start on it in 1956;|have minimum 70 per cent yesterday its opinion that the|,.eviewing repayments, the |refused to follow our lead. The |thought it was unfair of Steven-| the Senate left it up to the Sec-| supports if Benson, as he did|ronnessee Valley Authority | sommttoe said the TVA board Tennessean said that he didn't'son, too, to say he was absent| KEEP ALERT— retary of Agriculture to decide this year, extended price guar-| " “is in the commendable position |think the United States ought/ from the Senate while his crime | whether any soil bank program|antees for corn grown by should pay for some construc-jof returning $186.5 million|to give up the tests alone. Also investigating committee was| was possible this year. One! farmers who disregarded acre- tion from its power revenues. through fiscal year 1956. he agreed with President Eisen-| gathering information on| KEEP ALIVE! source said there might be some age allotments. Approving a $5,357,000 appro-|. The recommended appropria-| hower that we couldn't develop racketeers, and again when he} filening language in the con-| Ellender told newsmen the bo . tion of $5,357,000 is $21,696,000 | long-range guided missiles with-| was running for reelection to sO 4 guag , priation for TVA—the smallest bel th t all d t at the sa time testing the ferees’ report to add a little|feed grains issue and the ef-|, )._. hy torit ae ee ee eee > g the the Senate. discretion to the mandatory fective date of the soi] bank|'" ™® ory—the majority said! year ago. H-bomb warhead. __ . | Stevenson replied that his) Keep all your mind on the language in the House bill. were “the two big bones of con-;|!" its report: | “The large decrease’ this} _When Stevenson said the mis’ criticism of Kefauver's absences traffic. Don’t let. your © The Senate conferees would | tention before us.” He said it} “Funds for the additional|year,” the Committee said, “is sile could be ae py ae wit out) was prompted by questions 4 i: :.~ 2A worries risk your valuable agree to drop two controversial| appeared that if the House |generation units which the|due to the fact that the con- dropping horny wed or ean an audience, and was not ed : NaS life. And don’t I wheat provisions written into| mandatory feed grains provi-| President and the TVA board/|struction program started in es epee tothe bericht.” | aes, by him. Stevensdn nes a on > Oy Oe the bill on the floor just before| sion were retained, “we might|have said are needed can be|prior years is nearing comple-| ‘ne s ond - on a th - |said he had felt it fair to note’ age tee _. daydreams make it was passed Friday. One| not get any bill at all.” This| taken from revenues.” _ tion and no additional funds for | Adlai and Estes foun em \ that none of Kefauver’s Sénate rR Ms nightmares for others!

son sell up to 100| was an apparent reference to| A Committee minority dis-|generating units are included |Selves in substantial agree- (colleagues had come out for| would let Benson s p PP y in the 1957 estimates as pre-|ment on most foreign policy him for President. however.

ili bushels of non-milling| another veto. agrees. : > sa aepdliton ; The disagreement between| sented by the President.” points, which was no great sur-| Kefauver replied tersely that “Careless driving is

the majority aad minority; Although the direct appropri- | prise. he did have considerable sup- groups hinges about interpre-| ation is the smallest since TVA| The lank Tennessean, for €x-' port in Congress, and it would deadly KID STUFF” was organized, the big power ample, agreed with the former become apparent in time. The

M k tation of the Corporations Con- | D mocrats Say Cc ay trol Act, principally the specific | agency still will have many mil-|Governor that the recent cut/Tennessee Senator said a sur- " meaning of the word “projects.”| lions of dollars for its opera-|in Soviet land forces was de-\vey by Congressional Quarter-| The minority argues that/| tions in the year starting July 1,|signed chiefly as a “spectacular ly news features showed him @ &)

. . P

M " f C ndid te |“projects” means any construc- Added to the $5,357,000 ap- propaganda stroke. to be tied with Senate Majority |

b} a wuort y a a _tion—new plants or additions; propriation, the budget shows, | Both candidates said they felt Leader Lyndon B. Johnson for to existing plants—except for|are a balance of non pe ed oon geist 4 second Place in congressional

J » 215 -jreplacement purposes. Con-|frcom previous appropriations well advanc . H-\ support and “you can’t in

caring tsetse a Pigg Pn the Demo:| gressional approval of spend-| and $177,552,000 from income to|bomb development and deliv-| better company than that.” | Oregon Democrats today as MeKa sould . z ee ‘ing, the minority says, is nec-| finance estimated obligations of ery, that it could now afford to| political reporters who have all of the Smith votes in the| ‘cut down its land forces. ‘|flocked here from Washington,

serted Douglas McKay will go “at ' |essary for any work except re-| $199,469,000. into the fall election as a mi- ag a placements. ES am on nar wap a ~ New York and elsewhere to ' 43 + ie ae ‘Soviet military reductions were cover the stretchdrive of the nority Republican candidate to| With only a handful of pre-| John Sevier Unit Cited ‘City Budget “real,” but Kefauver said the pemocratic sre-convention bat-| ALE /

. Wayne’ ¢j Stey-| : a Demecratte Sen. Wayes pemee pre a oe beoa The majority statement yes-| United States should be alert tle have been struck by the “The most significant result cada teen Mie Seleleuee | terday was a reiteration of the| for any possible acts of “good absence of excitement, or even| b Peidey’s orimery election Saat hed - mE ‘M stand it took earlier in turning | Is A roved faith” on the part of the Rus- interest among Florida voters.’ dg : eS ee ,.| down $3.5 million asked to start pp ‘sians, so that all channels to was that a clear majority Of Stevenson captured Oregon's building a new generating unit | peace may be kept open. Some to Vote for Ike ee one tekkin ie Ps rm 7 to oo ee at the John Sevier steam plant. | In H rattsville _ Stevenson voiced criticism of! Local politicians have one ex-| States’ Senator, whereas only el anseettes Seth Cree mt, pia| At that time he majority | ) he Administration's policies o- planation for this. They «|! STATION WAGON tiny fraction of about ‘one out worthint malin be the effect the said T'’A had money to pay for B jot India, Cygne om that ordinarily the presidential | , ; Bogen the job in its power revenues! The Hyattsville City Council great. neutral nations o primary is accompanied by a! 4 ) « : & . of six Democrats voted for Sen.| voting will have on Florida and | sind and could use the money {unanimously approved the city East. run-off primaty te deddée the! 4 Hydra oe hw ng ag

Wayne Morse’s opponent. Thiis| California primaries. ' , | ae is a very good omen of Sen. Stevenson supporters said pee on: Ayre Soe Tee ee the Maubcinel Balding the} “ste? On Integration ‘Democratic nomination for

me ee -


—— —-_—---

‘Governor. But this time, they

Morse’s victory in November,”| the margin was greater than ‘vy, <a sees - : Inited | ani e majority based its argu-| budget is for $351,057. . __ Kefauver said the United! point out, Gov. Leroy ‘Collins said Monroe Sweetland, Demo-|they expected. ments upon contentions that; The figure leaves $27,000 as,States had not made clear its | got such an overwhelming vote: FLOOD DPDONTIA

cratic national committeeman; Hitcheock took 10 counties! « - a . es ed , , . | ; “projects” means only com-|“contingency money.” Finance, position in the Middle East, and|in the first primary on Map 8)

nag gee OD PEROT go ay ae, Peneere pletely new plants and does not|Committee Chairman A. R.jhe said it had been talking out\that a run-off was not neses id

plete in Oregon, MeKay, In-|firmed the surprising! posted to additions to existing |Keir explained the committee! both sides of its miouth on co-

terior Department Seeretaryl victory of a one 5” s01 W | plants. : tries to keep 10 per cent of the lonialism. The result was, he

who resigned te seek the roel pe el nO ngs te Ht mes,| It cited the John Sevier gen-|total estimated revenue each said, that we had lost friends

ate nomination, had 117,616\over Lew Wallace for Demo.|¢t2'i™é unit in a report on the|year as “contingency money”/in Asia. ) |

votes compared te a eombined | watts smmeinetion fer Gover.| 22Propriations bill yesterday |for the following year. The two men, taking up the |

total of 120.065 for his three! nor _ which declared: The Council also passed an | thorny question of segregation, | ] k

p+ a agg fir adhd ~ 4 bag s tet | “The Committee finds that|ordinance to fix the tax rate| showed themselves to be in sub- 00 youn ger...

Kay opponent was Phil Hiteb- | , a ae er oly anno a mar-'the Tennessee Valley Author-|at its present status of 50 cents | stantial agreement. 4

cock church leader and former the 200,000 : or votes 1 ity’s power revenues have pro-|for general municipal purposes) “The Bayceme Court,” said | F

he. mtg yeah e 0.08 cast. vided it with sufficient funds|on each $100 of assessed val-|Adlai, “expressed the con-| Oveéller...

State senator who polled 94,530; Holmes’ opponent in the fall) for the construction of such ad-| uation and 12 cents for the fire| science of the Nation (in the|

after he could swing a/will be Republican Gov. Elmo} ditional units as TVA now re-|department for each $100. ‘school case). It certainly ex-| number of liberal votes away | Smith, who was second on the | quires and balances are avail-| In other action, a budget of) pressed mine. Also it expressed | | Te } | ) a

_ 4221 Connecticut Avenue . ° WO. 6-8400

from Morse in a fall campaign.| ballot only to President Eisen-| anje for the construction and | $39,532 for the fire department| what was inevitable.” |

Morse piled up 190,110 to 38,-| hower. acquisition of power assets.” |wWas approved by the Council,; Stevenson noted that half the | 917 for Woody Smith, a politi- Eisenhower had 220,550| It underscored its approval of which also set June 18 as the/ schools that had once been seg- nd Ee, cally unknown service station| votes. Smith had 216,291 to| spending from revenues for ad-|date for redistricting Hyatts-/regated are now desegregated. a gh: operator from Hood River. Re-| 22,783 for his opponent, Earl) gitigne to existing plants by |Ville’s five wards, | He said it was a major social | i "Ee dee ok publicans said this represented Dickson, a